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Inspection Integrity.

Whether you call it a property inspection, a house inspection, a buyers inspection, a pre-purchase inspection, a move in certified inspection, or the most common, a home inspection, it is an extremely important process in the buying or selling of any property.

As a property buyer it is necessary to expose problems before making one of the largest investments you will ever make. Many buyers will unknowingly make their purchase decision based on emotion, and sadly can find themselves regretting their decision when serious defects are realized in the home at a later date.

As a property seller, an unbiased property inspection will enable you to disclose your home deficiencies up front, or correct obstacles before listing your home. This quickens the sale process, and virtually eliminates the stress of last minute obstacles and costly re-negotiating. Look closely at our Move in Certified program.

When you select a Pro-Sight Member Property Inspector, you can be assured that you will receive a thorough, and detailed inspection. The property inspection includes all the visually accessible systems and household components. The inspection is non-evasive, and includes areas such as the foundation, structure, exterior, grounds, roof, electric, plumbing, bathrooms, fireplace, heating, air-conditioning, thermostats, and interior. Pro-Sight Property Inspections also provides ongoing valuable home care & safety information.

All the inspectors findings will be presented in a superior inspection report. Each inspector member is trained and educated to detect home deficiencies. They respond quickly to deliver a detailed inspection report, complete with numerous pictures of issues, as well as potential problems. The report can even posted online (secured) for easy access. This proprietary inspection report, is truly, hands down, the superior report in the inspection industry.